4 essentials to propel your swim school business

21 June 2021

Swim business

Wondering how to maximise your business growth? A successful swim school keeps students motivated, staff productive and customer retention strong. But if you’re struggling to see tangible improvements, it could be time to find new ways to expand your swim business.

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Maybe you want to increase memberships, extend your services or generate a buzz online. Regardless of your goals, there are tools and investments at your fingertips. High-quality facilities and water education are essential for business. For improvements that satisfy your swimmers and staff though, it’s important to create a culture of learning and fun and provide a deep-impact service that’s sustainable long-term.

Here’s how to get started.

1. User-friendly website

When was the last time you updated your website?

If it’s been a couple of years, it probably needs a revamp. Build your online presence with a user-friendly website and write copy tailored to your customers and major search engines like Google.

Without mastering digital assets like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), your swim school misses out on valuable business and organic traffic.

Takeaway tips

  • Check your site is responsive and mobile-friendly - unsure? Test it here
  • Optimise page speed to avoid losing customers
  • Add regular blogs - educational content will help keep your audience engaged
  • Use images
  • Prioritise design and content by investing in both
  • Show your email subscribers some attention
  • Build your brand by creating a Google Business Profile (it's free)

2. Reliable swim school software

Since COVID, the new normal means meeting the latest requirements around social distancing, hygiene, collecting customer information and more. It’s driven businesses to find better ways to maximise revenue and streamline how they work.

Digital solutions, such as a performing website and an online booking system are pivotal for attracting and managing customers and their data.

You can apply online bookings to a variety of scenarios in your swim business including:

  • New enrolments
  • Website integration
  • Absences
  • Makeup lessons
  • Progression moves and swimmers advance up a level
  • Customer portal to encourage self-serve
  • Digital certificates

Make sure you choose a platform that’s flexible, functional and expandable. Here are some features to look for.

Tip: Embrace technology in more ways than one. Swim schools are using tablets in the pool with waterproof casings to record progress and attendance, giving teachers on-the-go access to a swimmer’s progress, notes and historical data.

3. Structured lesson plans

Well-planned swimming lessons achieve growth: growth for the business as happy students give referrals, growth for staff as assessment processes are improved, and growth for swimmers who develop their health, fitness and skills.

Takeaway tips

  • Make lessons fun, engaging and educational
  • Introduce different programs such as water aerobics and school holiday sessions
  • Allocate time for communicating lesson goals, questions, rules and discipline
  • Create clear objectives

4. Customer surveys

A core component of swim school retention is feedback.

For business success, customers need to feel appreciated - and a big part of this is ensuring they’re heard. Many brands fail to create positive emotional experiences that drive customer loyalty. The truth is, more are competing on customer service alone to increase revenue. Australian businesses lose $720 per bad customer experience. To profit and keep your customers happy, listen and act on feedback.

Don’t assume no negative feedback is positive feedback either. Not everyone speaks up, so encourage customers by asking and reminding them you value their input.

Tip: Survey your customers every six months to uncover any hidden frustrations and proactively fix them.

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