Overcoming 3 Challenges for Tutoring Businesses

10 May 2023

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Tutoring businesses are growing rapidly in today’s competitive education sector. With the increasing demand for personalised learning, we are now looking at a billion-dollar industry employing around 70,000 tutors across the country.

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While running a tutoring business is definitely rewarding, it is not an easy task. From managing students and teachers to scheduling classes and tracking progress, there are numerous challenges that need to be addressed.

If business owners understand the challenges they may face, overcoming each hurdle gets so much easier!

While we know that finding qualified staff, lack of student motivation and so much more are also challenging factors, for now, we are focusing on the tasks costing your business a lot of time that can be spent with your students instead.

1. Managing student information

Traditional tutoring businesses rely on manual data entry methods, which are prone to human error and can be a time-consuming task. Without a proper system in place, managing contact details, class schedules, and payment information can quickly become daunting and confusing.

Worst case scenario: Being unorganised might also negatively affect customer satisfaction as they feel like they are not properly taken care of resulting in a decrease in your customer base and a bad reputation.

2. Scheduling classes

If you are managing a tutoring business with more than one employee, it is not always easy to match the availability of tutors with the students’ schedules. Additionally, some students may require specific time slots or go through last-minute cancellations or rescheduling. And on top of that, manually tracking student attendance for reporting purposes is clearly no fun.

3. Tracking student progress

When dealing with a large number of students, it can quickly become difficult tracking their achievements and progress to provide specific feedback on their performance. Specifically, when parents ask how effective tutoring has been for their child.

How a Class Management System can help

Class management software helps tutoring businesses manage their operations effectively. All the above-mentioned challenges can be tackled with the right software in place.

Let’s look at the challenges again and see how Class Management Software can solve them.

1. Managing student information

All the information you need is in one central location that can be managed and updated from anywhere, with real-time access to contact details, class schedules, payment information, and more.

Plus, if you invest in a system that provides a customer portal, your customers can edit their own details to ensure their contact information is always up to date and manage their own bookings, so you don’t have to lift a finger - saving you a lot of time.

2. Scheduling classes

With class management software, tutors can assign themselves to classes too, track attendance and see notes for each student allowing them to specifically cater the classes to the needs of their students.

3. Tracking student progress

Performance and achievements can easily be tracked and managed effectively with the right system in place. It provides a platform where tutors can upload and monitor students’ progress reports, feedback, and assessments.

And through the customer portal, parents can also keep track of their child’s progress and download achievement certificates without having to call and ask for them.


Tutoring businesses face various challenges in managing their operations and providing quality services to their students. However, by leveraging a class management system, they can overcome some of the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers.

Well-designed scheduling software can help tutoring businesses manage student information, schedule class, track progress, issue invoices and allowing them to provide a seamless and personalised learning experience to their students.

And it comes as no surprise that Udio can do all of that (and more!) for your tutoring business. If you are ready to upgrade your business operations, give us a call and we will help your business flourish.