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UdioSystems’ powerful membership management software is a flexible digital platform offering a feature-rich base module, suited to most school businesses.

Everything you need to run and manage your operations in one place. UdioSystems complete software solution can improve student engagement, increase class productivity and make lessons and customer management easy. Add additional features as your business grows, so you only pay for the functionality you want.

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Simple Set-Up

Getting started with the booking and membership management software is easy. A 3-step process means you can quickly automate your bookings, with simple implementation and staff training.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Create your class timetables for one or more locations
  2. Allocate students and staff
  3. Add your unique UdioSystems link to your website and start the automatic booking process

Explore the Comprehensive Base Module

UdioSystems’s school and membership management software includes the following management tools:

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Booking and Scheduling

Add single or recurring classes and school holiday programs. View times and frequency, allocate staff, reduce no shows, set class capacity and adjust on the go as you need. Scalable for your operations. Easy for staff to adopt.

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Integrated Payments

Process payments with UdioSystems' payment gateway and accept immediate payments from your customers. Limit credit card fraud, increase cash flow, stop chasing late fees and gain quicker access to your funds.

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Powerful Reporting

Instant insights to understand your business, generate reports and make data-driven decisions. Track classes, student satisfaction and staff efficiency in real-time. Reduce costs and optimise revenue.

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Video Signboard Creator

Create eye-catching video advertising and notices.

Optional Modules

Need extra features? UdioSystems also offers the following modules:

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Customer Portal

Securely handle all records using customer account management software with fine-grained access restrictions. Connect parents to the customer portal to view their child’s progress, download certificates, organise payments and make bookings, reducing admin time for your staff.

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Self Check-In

Create seamless entry solutions. Reduce customer wait time and staff overheads with a fast and convenient customer self-check-in terminal. Supports class card and phone scanning options.

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Sell Products

Free reception and shops from lines. Use the point-of-sale software to sell products, manage inventory and process membership sales. Easily create eye-catching video ads and notices with the Video Signboard Creator to attract more prospects.

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