Udio vs iClassPro

Your class management system is the cornerstone of your business, which makes finding the right one a challenging task.

With this guide, you can compare two of the most popular class management systems - Udio and iClassPro - to see which is the better fit for you and your business.

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Udio i Class Pro comparison


While there are a number of school/class management software solutions available, Udio and iClassPro are highly rated and widely used across the leisure and education industries. Both systems include features like booking and schedule management, reporting, online payments and customer portals to reduce manual admin across lesson-based businesses. While the two platforms function similarly, there are some differences that are worth knowing in advance so you can make a more informed decision.

Udio in a nutshell

Udio was built by people in the industry who needed a scalable tool to maximise their business growth. Udio's feature-rich platform enables operators to better manage their daily workflows, with a customisable dashboard, real-time reports, visual timetable and built-in communication tools. As the system is cloud-based, enterprises can enjoy full visibility over their facilities from any location, at any time.

iClassPro in a nutshell

Headquartered in the US, iClassPro provides software to children's activity centres across the globe. Founded by a gymnast and gym owner in 2008, iClassPro helps owner-operators manage their business by handling time-consuming admin tasks. Like Udio, the platform features a customer portal, achievement & attendance tracking, a self check-in kiosk and payment processing.

The key differences between Udio and iClassPro

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"Udio has changed our life in terms of registrations. We used to do it all by hand, it took weeks of puzzling and no one was really happy. Now parents click on our website, are sent to Udio timetable and they choose their level, day & time. Amazing!"

Red Whale Swim School

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"When I first started using Udio properly for this term, I literally sat at my desk with my jaw dropped at how efficient the system was, I kid you not - it's cut my workload in half compared to our last system."

City Impact Arts Academy

Moffat Beach Swim School

"My experience with Udio has been first-class. All the staff have been nothing short of pleasant, knowledgeable and prompt with everything I have required. ​​I can’t recommend Udio strongly enough!"​

Moffat Beach Swim School

Migrating from iClassPro to Udio

We've transitioned enough clients over to Udio from existing software providers to understand how overwhelming it can feel for them. To make the switch seamless, we provide a tailored transition plan that we've refined over the years to limit disruption to your business and get you set up and trained in line with your timeframe.

Udio transition plan
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