Prepare for reopening [free ebook & checklist]

An actionable guide to help get your class-based business ready for reopening after COVID.

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How to reopen your business after covid
Included in this ebook:
  • Ways to boost revenue before you reopen
  • Advice on how to maintain customer engagement and what to include in your communications
  • Recommendations for bookings made pre-lockdown and how to manage ready for reopening
  • Guidance on removing closure dates and unsuspending fees
  • Ideas to keep students engaged and motivated before they return to classes

Put your learnings into practice with this free printable checklist.

Meet Udio

With lockdowns uncertain and often unpredictable, your business needs a system that can handle your day-to-day admin as well as sudden closures and reopenings. Udio’s inbuilt tools enable you to pause and restart payments, send segmented customer emails and reschedule sessions, as well as help with the daily running of your business.

Udio also offers a customer-facing portal which empowers your students (or their parents) to organise catch-up sessions and rebook classes once you reopen.

Try Udio free for 30 days and see how it can help your business throughout reopening and beyond.