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Over four decades ago, we ran a business just like yours. Our biggest challenge? Trying to find a school management system that was flexible, portable and could meet our growing needs. So we decided to do it ourselves and in 2012, Udio was born.

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The first business Udio powered was our own

After developing Udio as a solution to a common problem, we realised that other lesson-based businesses, just like yours could also benefit from our centralised, time-savvy system.

Udio’s course management software now helps enterprise and independent businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore run their classes more efficiently from one central system. Not a spreadsheet in sight.

Industry overview

Keeping your future in our sights

Our commitment to innovation never stops; we understand better than most that the industry is constantly changing and you need tools that can adapt to that.

We have plenty of new features, integrations and enhancements coming soon to help you grow your business and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Our mission: inspire growth and evolve with you.

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Why Udio?

Udio is more than just a class booking system; in fact, Udio is more like an extension of your team - someone you can rely upon to complete tasks even when you’re not there. We call it the Udio difference. Here’s what else sets us apart:

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We use your feedback and our own experiences to build a product that evolves and adapts alongside you.

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Like-minded people

We understand your pain points and create solutions that help make your job (and life) easier.

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Growth focused

With all your data in one place, we help you to see what’s working, so you can do more of it.

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