Membership management software that helps your business grow

Udio users start out with the feature-rich base module which is suited to most class and lesson-based businesses. It includes everything you need to run and manage your operations in one place. From there, you have the option to add extra modules to help further your business growth. That way, you only pay for the features you need.

Udio's Base Module

The base module includes everything you need to trim your manual admin and connect with your customers using Udio's inbuilt email platform and SMS integration. Here's a run-down of what else is included:

Booking and scheduling

Manage bookings and customer information 24/7 with Udio's cloud-based platform which gives you the portability to control sessions on the go. Cut admin costs by automating your booking process and freeing up resources, so staff can spend more time with your customers.

Powerful reporting

Understanding your business has never been easier. With Udio's real-time reports, you can gain valuable, data-driven insights that help you make informed decisions.

Integrated payments

Take the hassle out of manual cash handling by processing safe, secure and automatic payments online with Udio's gateway.

Upgrade with Additional Modules

On top of base, you can add extra modules to your subscription to help boost revenue and enhance your customer journey.

Customer portal

Udio's online portal is a popular and recommended add-on that helps strengthen connections between you and your customers. Accessible 24/7, customers can enjoy full control over their membership, while parents and caregivers can connect to the portal to monitor their child’s progress.

Self check-in software

Create speedy customer check-ins with Udio's contactless self check-in terminals. With the option to bypass reception, customers can quickly and conveniently confirm their class attendance by scanning their phone or class card.

Point of sale software

Create a more efficient sales process and cut down queues with Udio's user-friendly POS system. Easily create eye-catching video ads and notices with the video signboard creator (included in base) to attract more prospects.

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Simple set-up

Getting started with Udio's membership management software is easy. Use this three-step process to quickly automate your bookings:

  1. Create your class timetables for one or more locations
  2. Allocate students and staff
  3. Add your unique Udio link to your website and start the automatic booking process

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