Udio integrates with Zapier to help clients reduce their taskload

12 May 2022

Udio integrates with Zapier

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with online platform, Zapier, which will allow our clients to build smarter workflows that automate recurring tasks.

By connecting to Zapier’s wide range of third-party apps (such as social media accounts, website development platforms and financial software), businesses will be able to combine their individual systems and set up triggers that ‘zap’ to create an action.

“The integration with Zapier will be a great asset to our clients who want to link Udio up with other systems crucial to the daily running of their business, such as Xero, Google Calendar and Hubspot,” says Sue Doncon, General Manager of Operations at Udio. “We’re committed to helping our clients become more efficient operators and by integrating with Zapier, they’ll be able to focus more on business growth rather than spending unnecessary hours dealing with repetitive manual tasks.”

In its current stage of development, Zapier can communicate information from Udio to other systems as a result of general billing account updates. In stage two, due to release later in the year, Zapier will be able to push information triggered by every event in Udio (such as when a customer books a make up session). The third stage of implementation will enable Zapier to transfer information from other systems into Udio.

If you would like to find out more about integrating Udio with Zapier, please contact our support team.