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Since 2012, UdioSystems’s goal has been to develop and maintain the best school management software to assist the growth of class and session-based businesses.

UdioSystems has partnered with schools across Australia and New Zealand to ensure our software continues to be an effective management solution. Our platform was created in collaboration with school owners and managers who have over 40 years of experience. We’re dedicated to simplifying everyday tasks, so you can focus on growing your business. Start achieving a better work-life balance and take control of your time

Why We Built School Management Software

The UdioSystems team was formed to solve a specific problem. In 2012, we identified the need for a resilient software product class-based businesses could use to better manage their operations.

While most booking systems were simple server-based tools, the industry needed a more sophisticated way to manage customers and complete admin tasks at their own convenience. But there was no system flexible enough to meet the demands of school owners and managers.

Similarly, other class and session-based businesses were also struggling with inefficiencies via legacy booking systems. Limited payment functionality, slow speed and lack of transparency meant many owners and managers were growing increasingly frustrated with their management software. Not to mention, inadequate automation had staff working harder than they needed to.

Many business owners and managers wanted the flexibility to access all information, anywhere, any time.

The UdioSystems team set to work, building a school management system powerful enough to nurture the future development of businesses worldwide. UdioSystems was born - an adaptable cloud-based booking software.

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UdioSystems Expansion

In 2014, the first operational UdioSystems module was launched in all State Swim schools in

Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Since then we’ve partnered with Australia and New Zealand’s leading swim schools to develop UdioSystems into what it is today.

By August 2016, features such as the customer portal and integrated payments gateway brought more benefits. The customer’s of our class-based clients gained account access 24x7, eliminating a need to rely on the businesses only when they’re open. Schools, sports facilities and fitness studios saw time-saving rewards and a reduction in tedious admin hours.

The UdioSystems Vision and Mission

UdioSystems’s aim is to provide you with the best school management software to help you achieve professional success. Our complete software solution is constantly evolving. Since its inception, platform additions have been motivated by our customers and their feedback. When suggestions are beneficial to the system and everyone using it, the UdioSystems team will include them.

Our mission is to help streamline the way you do business. UdioSystems is fulfilling this mission by removing the challenges of legacy booking platforms and innovating with new software management features to benefit your business.

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