Increase your school holiday program bookings with these email templates

15 November 2021

Swim school holiday program

School holiday programs are a great way to keep children active while also accelerating their skills with intensive daily lessons. Your goal is to fill as many program spots as possible before the holidays start. And the solution is easier than you might think.

The secret to getting more bookings

You could use a number of platforms to advertise your school holiday program, but many can be daunting (and expensive). The key is to motivate your customers to take action, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through email.

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Having a clear email structure in place can make a huge difference in boosting your program bookings from the outset. By planning in advance and sending emails at selected intervals, you’ll inspire more customers to take action sooner.

Swim schools that have followed this email structure have seen bookings increase by up to 400.

The graph below clearly indicates success; the red shows bookings from an earlier school holiday program that lacked email structure, while the blue was a later program that had a clear email strategy in place.

These stats were obtained through the 'booking statistics by course' report in Udio.

The school holiday program checklist

We've developed a quick checklist to help you plan and implement your own email strategy. Here are our top recommendations to boost your program bookings:

  • Set a booking release date to drive demand and create a sense of urgency
  • Create your program and classes in Udio
  • Send a pre-release email to let customers know exactly when programs will be available to book
  • Prepare three emails reminding customers to book in
  • Send you emails at set intervals as per your schedule
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Best practices when creating your email strategy

The great thing about this email and checklist combo is that you can repurpose it for every school holiday program moving forward. Here are some top email tips to consider including:

  • Use your brand colours to strengthen your brand identity (and inspire familiarity among customers)

  • Emojis are optional but when used sparingly are visually appealing to the reader; you can add them to the subject line and body of the email in Udio

  • Emphasise that spaces are limited to create demand and prompt customers to book now

  • Include a couple of links to the booking page (including 1-2 at the start) so that people have plenty of options as they scroll through your email

  • If you have any testimonials from previous holiday programs, include a couple - if you don’t, consider asking customers after they’ve completed the program for feedback so you can include quotes in your email next time

Get your holiday program off to the best start

As swim school software providers, we understand the importance of finding a simple solution that yields results while taking as little time as possible.

Since COVID, there has been an increased demand for local activities which means marketing your holiday program to your entire audience base is crucial to creating FOMO (fear of missing out).

You don’t need to have a paid email platform to implement this strategy; they generally provide email stats and have advanced features (like email scheduling) but the basics can be just as easily completed via a school management system like Udio, which has inbuilt email functionality that integrates with your customer database. Get started by downloading the checklist which you can bookmark and use again for future school holiday programs.