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Kumon Narellan belongs to a well-known franchise group providing tutoring services across the globe. Located in NSW, the owner Parushka, paves her students’ path to developing excellent English and Mathematics skills.

The need for a booking system

Working their way through confusing Excel sheets and not being able to book classes and track attendance, were some of the challenges Kumon Narellan faced before deciding it was finally time to switch to a system that does it all.

“It just made sense! We needed a recurring booking system.”, Parushka said when asked why she chose Udio.

Implementing Udio solved her main challenges by giving her a system that is not only intuitive but also gives her customers the ability to manage their own bookings, saving Kumon Narellan tremendous amounts of time.

“It eased so much of my admin work and now I have everything in one place.”, she says.

Kumon Narellan can now spend more time with their students knowing that everything else is being taken care of by Udio. Reports give her further visibility on capacity, payments and invoices, making it easier to keep track of all elements of her business.

Overcoming main pain points for tutoring businesses

As a lesson-based management system, Udio knows our client’s pain points of processing the same bookings all over. Especially, educational businesses struggle with recurring bookings since most customers prefer the same time slot.

Udio made it easy to manage recurring bookings, track attendance, schedule make-up sessions and show customers their progress and achievements throughout their classes.

Plus, with our ‘set-and-forget’ payment option, recurring payments can also be handled with ease saving our clients the struggle of chasing up payments.

“My top favourite features are definitely recurring bookings, the payment system and the POS."

A success story

“I am very happy with Udio as it made my work so much easier. I look forward to more features coming out.”, the Kumon Narellan owner says.

New features are implemented frequently as we are always developing, improving and listening to our client’s feedback. We understand better than most that the industry is constantly changing and you need tools to adapt to that. Our commitment to innovation never stops and we are always on a mission to help our client’s businesses grow and provide exceptional customer experiences.

With Parushka’s experience so far, she would definitely recommend Udio to other industries.


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