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MLC School in NSW is home to a state-of-the-art Aquatic Centre which is a community-driven hub for all ages.

The centre offers 'learn to swim' classes for babies through to adults, squad programs, fitness classes and more. As well as swimming, the centre also offers a gymnastics program.

Seeking a responsive system that could connect their students to their progress

One of the biggest issues the team at MLC School faced was the lack of an online portal that could give parents access to their children's progress.

"We wanted an online portal where our parents could manage their bookings individually as well as manage their makeups," says Rochelle Dagher, Customer Service Coordinator from MLC School NSW. "Makeups were previously managed manually by our staff which was very time-consuming and difficult to manage correctly."

Udio solved this with their customer portal which gives parents full access to their account and child's progress from their mobile or computer.

MLC was also seeking an alternative that offered better support and assistance as their vendor at the time was slow to respond and didn't always resolve their issues.

They found that Udio solved these issues and challenges.

"Udio was very user-friendly and easy to understand, whether it was our staff or parents using the program," says Rochelle.

A smooth onboarding process

"There was a lot of support during the onboarding process from Udio staff and therefore the process was very smooth," says Rochelle.

Most of the team required minimal training as the user-friendliness of the system made it easy for them to grasp and understand.

Trimming back time spent on manual admin

Another positive aspect of Udio was the automation of day-to-day tasks which has saved Rochelle and her team time and meant that they can now focus on other aspects of the business.

"Udio has reduced the amount of time tasks take to complete," says Rochelle. "This has allowed for more time for staff to do other tasks that they weren't getting around to."

Good feedback all round

"Our staff were very happy to make the change to a more user-friendly system," says Rochelle. "Parents were also happy as Udio allowed them to manage their bookings and that was something they were really looking forward to."

With Rochelle's experience with Udio so far, she would definitely recommend to others in the industry.

"I would highly recommend Udio to any centre as it has been a lifesaver for us, especially given the past year."


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