Marketing tips and tricks to attract new customers [free checklist]

19 January 2022

Small business marketing

Small business marketing can be daunting if you want to grow your business but have little to no experience. However, marketing plays a crucial role in helping you reach new customers, increase your revenue and decrease customer acquisition costs. For those new to marketing, we’ve pulled together some tried and tested marketing tips for small business to help get you started.

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How to grow your business

Marketing encompasses a wide range of channels and tools - so much so, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. The key is to start small and regularly monitor success - that way you can focus more on the platforms that are performing better rather than trying to stretch your time and budget across multiple channels.

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Your marketing strategy also needs to take into account your industry, goals, target audience and budget.

For example, a swim school that runs classes for children want to increase their memberships. Their strategy might be to:

- Target their primary audience (parents, guardians and grandparents) within a 10-kilometre radius
- Include places like schools, community centres and libraries as secondary audiences
- Opt for low-cost marketing to begin with due to a low budget, such as social media ads and flyers
- Invest in other areas as budget increases, such as website upgrades or search engine campaigns

The beginner’s marketing checklist

If you run a school similar to the above example, check out these top tips to kickstart your small business marketing:

  • Set up and optimise your Google Business Profile
  • Launch a website or enhance your current one
  • Plan 1-2 pieces of content to share over the month
  • Create or update your Facebook page
  • Run a social media ad campaign
  • Print flyers and post locally
  • Run a report to monitor how new customers heard about you

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Best practices for SMB marketing

If you run an SMB (small to mid-sized business), there are some key areas to focus on when it comes to marketing, especially if you are just starting out:

Google My Business

  • Create a free listing so that potential customers can find you via Google Maps and Search
  • Build trust by encouraging current customers to leave reviews
  • Fill in all aspects of your profile to boost relevancy


  • Does your business have a website? If not, now is definitely the time to make it a marketing priority - many providers offer free plans and templates to help you get started without needing a dedicated budget or an IT expert
  • Add some customer reviews to your website - according to a recent survey, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family or friends
  • Do you have a customer portal? Some school management software providers provide a link that you can embed into your website - this enables people to book into a class, even if they are new

Content marketing tips

  • Use your industry knowledge to share valuable content, such as educational blog posts, customer testimonials and how-to videos
  • Share content across your website, social media, YouTube channel and email platform to extend your reach
  • Include a call to action (CTA) button or website link so that readers can find out more about your business

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Facebook marketing tips

  • Create a Facebook page for your business if you haven’t already - use it to share regular updates and informal content that shows your personality (use the 80-20 rule - 80% should inform, educate or entertain while the remaining 20% can directly promote your business)
  • Promote your business using targeted Facebook Ads (there are plenty of online resources to help guide you)
  • Add the Facebook pixel to your website to retarget people who have visited in the past (remembering to keep on top of permission tracking)

Letter dropping

  • Design your flyer using a free tool like Canva and deliver yourself around the local area to keep costs low
  • Include an offer (such as first lesson free or limited time deal) to motivate people to find out more and help you track the success rate
  • If you service a large area, class software like Udio offers a postcode heatmap report which highlights areas of low customer density so you can better target your letter drops

The best way to market your business

Companies and brands of all sizes achieve the best marketing return on investment by:

  • Identifying and understanding their target audience
  • Choosing marketing platforms that best resonate with their audience
  • Appropriately investing in those platforms
  • Interacting with people and offering solutions to their problems

You don't need to hire a marketing specialist to get your business noticed; instead, start small with these marketing tips and tricks, regularly evaluating each to see what's working.

Struggling to dedicate time to marketing? Try increasing efficiency across other areas of your business to free up your time:

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