3 Winning Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in Swim Schools

27 September 2021

Ideas to enhance customer experience

Coronavirus has delivered a new era of customer experience and engagement. In these times of hesitancy, the values of consumers are changing and businesses must adapt. Now customers are favouring a more back-to-basics approach. Transparency, trust, conversational customer service and reliability have never been so important.

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Swim schools are some of the businesses affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, it’s encouraged the industry to be creative about how they enhance customer experience. Without customer loyalty, retention drops and operational costs inflate. Unhappy customers are expensive, after all.

How can you satisfy and support your swim school students? Use these ideas to enhance your customer’s experience.

1. Optimise Your Customer Service

The easiest way to retain students is to optimise your customer service. Even the best swim schools can find areas of improvement. For a strong foundation, staff need to be trained and coached and your business culture needs to deliver on quality and loyalty, not just efficiency and speed.

CRM tools and business systems also need to be scalable, flexible and easy-to-use if you’re serious about streamlining communications. Use tech to create breakthrough customer service, such as chatbots that are available for support 24/7 and sharing real-time metrics with instructors and staff.

Take action:

  • Optimise wait and response times

  • Speed up service and shop queues with self-check-in

  • Use online swim school software to identify gaps and resolve customer issues faster

  • Offer omnichannel support

  • Enhance customer experience with online makeup lessons and automatic class reminders for swimmers

  • Use benchmark metrics to make sure you’re improving

  • Action feedback on time

  • Go the extra mile ie: personal touches can increase customer loyalty

Don’t forget to make safety the new luxury. Meeting customer expectations must include health and safety measures, such as contactless service. Create a digital in-store experience for your swim shop and make buying products easier with safer shopping.

2. Focus on Retention

Businesses that put their customers first will be the ones that succeed.

If you want to meet the shifting priorities of consumers, align your brand with values that promote trust, support and quality. People will stay loyal to businesses that are helpful and valuable to them, regardless of the product or service.

Take action:

  • Ramp up your retention and loyalty efforts

  • Build stronger relationships through improved communications

  • Use technology to automate time-consuming tasks, so you and your team can spend more time engaging customers

  • Reward with discounts and incentives

  • Deliver enormous value

  • Create custom content that addresses customer questions

3. Invest in Digital Advantages

Since the pandemic, digital transformation has evolved from a competitive advantage. Today - it’s the lifeline between your business and your customer. If you don’t invest enough resources into digital channels, you’re missing out on revenue-boosting opportunities and customers who expect such advancements.

Smoother digitalisation involves the function of IT, as well as all business processes across your school. Make sure you keep updated about the latest tech trends.

Take action:

  • Focus on robust measurement frameworks

  • Use social media as an engagement tool over only a platform - you can get much better results by using it to connect, share, identify gaps and questions, and create content that helps your audience

  • Reduce admin hours by automating enrollments and registrations

  • Choose an online swim school software with built-in integration for multiple features - learn what to look for before you decide

  • Digitalise customer interactions

  • Gain value from the cloud by making your IT department more agile

  • Establish stronger connections between students and teachers with customer portals for accessing attendance history, family information and medical notes

Wrapping Up

If the last 18 months have taught business owners anything, it’s that company culture, customer loyalty and employing the right people are key to unlocking sustainable relationships with your audience.

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