School management systems are robust pieces of technology that hold vast amounts of sensitive data, meaning it’s essential that they are hosted on secure platforms. Software like Udio, therefore, does not exist as a plugin and instead uses a separate sub-domain.

The major benefits of this include:

  • Increased protection
  • Higher levels of security
  • No need to rely on external hosts and servers like you would with a plugin

Basic school management system plugins are available, however, they may lack key features and have lower levels of customisation.

While it would be handy to add a booking system plugin to your existing business website, you can easily overcome this by adding a call to action button that links to your booking engine. This still creates a smooth customer journey, assuming the button text clearly indicates that the user will be directed to your booking page or customer portal (e.g. ‘View timetable’, ‘Book now’, or ‘Book online’).