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State Swim are leaders in aquatic education due to their strong philosophy about how children best learn to swim, their committed, passionate team and their dedication to providing fantastic customer service, both in and out of the pool.

What began as one location in Adelaide in the 1970s swiftly expanded to 18 swim schools across Australia and Singapore.

Finding class booking software that could grow with their business

After the State Swim executive team identified their server-based booking system was no longer serving the needs of the business or their customers, the team did what they do best: pursued a way to improve.

The team needed a system that could grow with their business and provide additional functions as required. They also needed a solution that was responsive and could offer a wider range of payment functionality to benefit their diverse customer base.

"We had a few requirements that a new system would need to have," says Ben Robertson, Chief Operating Officer of State Swim. "It was absolutely non-negotiable that the platform needed to be able to process automatic payments and credit card payments online and it really needed to inspire trust from our customers.”

Bringing on Udio as an extension of the team

After learning about the benefits of Udio – including its powerful back-end reporting abilities, customer relationship management capabilities and the self check-in feature – the State Swim team decided to get onboard.

The final catalyst for the decision to switch to Udio boiled down to the server vs cloud debate. “As Udio is a cloud-based software, we are able to access it from anywhere in the world, which is really handy when we consider the fact that we have centres in Singapore, Melbourne and Adelaide, and our head office is located in Perth,” says Ben.

Additionally, it had to be simple and easy enough to use. “At State Swim, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service, and so we felt that the booking system we chose, as an extension of our business, needed to do the same.”

“I would recommend Udio to all swim schools; the fact that it has been able to help our business grow and perform the way it has, I’m sure it would help their business do the exact same.”
Ben Robertson, Chief Operating Officer at State Swim

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