How to choose the right online booking software for your swim classes

Making the switch to a cloud-based booking system serves many purposes for swim schools. It’s a way to streamline class scheduling and helps businesses allocate and utilise their staff. Furthermore, it’s a multi-channel solution for engaging employees, students and customers.

Online booking software is one of the best investments a swim school can make. But if you don’t choose the right one, it could end up costing more. Whether you’re upgrading or buying new, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

Know your requirements

Work out the exact requirements you need by asking yourself these questions.

  1. What features are essential to your swim school?
  2. Are there any nice-to-have features that won’t make or break your decision?
  3. What does your staff need to do their jobs efficiently?
  4. If you’re upgrading your current software solution, what areas do you need streamlined?
  5. Is there any feedback staff can provide?
  6. Does the software support a high level of customer service?
  7. What platforms are other businesses using in your industry?

Prioritise customer service and experience

Customer trust is crucial for high-performing swim schools. To cater, find an online booking software that prioritises customer service. Customers should feel a connection from the online booking experience, with consistency and ease until they reach the physical location of your swim school.

The right platform should provide an easy way for customers to make secure online payments, register or enrol in classes and view schedules and available spots. It should also offer confirmation via email or SMS for bookings as well as class reminders.

Tip: Don’t forget about staff experience either. Make sure it’s built to address the needs and daily responsibilities of employees using the software, while streamlining workloads and internal/external communication.

Choose powerful features

What booking software you decide on depends on your swim school size and needs. If you choose one that’s designed for your industry, you’ll gain a bigger productivity boost and have access to base module features better suited for your business.

Many platforms offer standard inclusions like real-time view availability, reporting, multiple payment options and automated reminders.

Some features you might need are:

  • Website integration
  • Online bookings
  • Instructor performance reporting
  • Security features
  • Flexible payment options
  • Payment processing
  • Integrate with your point-of-sale system
  • Customer access to view progress and download digital certificates
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Detailed progression reports for parents and swimmers
  • Inventory management
  • Class card and phone scanning to check-in

Evaluate the support level

Does your chosen software offer training and support?

Some companies will include both with their platforms, which further enhances your overall experience and gets staff up to scratch faster. Training is key to offering a seamless transition while support helps navigate the system as users find their feet.

Support teams give continuous updates for performance improvement, which can help reduce long-term costs. The extra support means you won’t need to outsource to costly IT specialists. Look for support packages with user-friendly tutorials and access to live support included.

Tip: Choose a company that grows with your swim school so you’re not charged for every tweak. Determine how responsive the support team are too. Are they available for assistance round the clock via chat, call or email? If they’re only available between certain times, does this work for your type of business?

Check connectivity

When you’re using online booking software for classes, you want to trust you can stay connected.

More swim schools are using tablets in the pool for digital attendance and assessments. Without good WiFi coverage and a platform with a reliable connection, your software solution can end up costing staff more time.


Consider the value for money over cost.

Your decision shouldn’t be based on price alone, but rather what’s affordable with value-added features. Avoid complicated pricing strategies or anything that requires you to change your business model.

Look for:

  • Transparent and simple pricing
  • No setup fees
  • Monthly billing
  • If there are any hidden fees or configuration costs
  • Ongoing commitment
  • Processing fees

Udio offers a future-proof software solution with no setup fees or lock-in contracts. Our base module includes everything you need to get you started, with optional modules available so you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t use or need. Learn more.

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